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Set in Dubai; The City of Gold, Orozain Gold is a professionally dynamic and fastest-growing gold trading company.
We’re pride of ourselves on transforming our clients.

Welcome to Orozain
A leading bullion trading company, Orozain Gold offers an extensive outreach on gold & silver products for the local & international market.

Our Products

Gold has existed for as long as mankind has been trading precious metals as part of an economic structure. It is the most economical way of investing in physical gold, which makes them an attractive vehicle for serious investors looking to own large amounts of a non-currency asset.

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Our Solutions

Our dedication to innovation drives our mission to provide the highest level of service. We understand the competitive nature of our industry, so we work hard to earn and keep the trust of our suppliers and customers, by heavily relying on our research and development as well as innovative technology.

Extraction of Gold

With reliable access to a wide network of trusted & licensed gold sources.

Mining of Precious Metals

Effectively recognising sensitive & protected areas while selecting targets for mineral exploration.

Smelting & Refining

Utilizing the most advanced technology to refine and smelt large volumes of precious metals.

Assaying of Gold

Striving for the highest standard of excellence, and endeavour to perfect the age-old tradition of assaying.

Location swap

Location swap is the physical transfer wherein two parties agree to swap the gold they earansaction.

Secure storage and warehousing

Ensuring the properly authorized storage of physical bullion in a safe and secure manner.

Why Is Gold The Best Investment?

A Diversifying Investment

Gold adds balance to your portfolio & protect you from a major market event

High Liquidity

A highly preferable investment tool owing to the liquidity gold offers

A History of Holding Its Value

Gold has maintained its value throughout the ages

Proven Hedge Against Inflation

Gold rates remain unaffected at the time of inflation

Tangible Source Of Wealth

Proven to be a major asset class during a crisis

An Investment That Is Forever

Gold rates remain unaffected at the time of inflation

Global Presence

Global presence in all our existing, potential & emerging markets is a critical element of our business strategy. We are present in all regions where our clients are active so that we can respond as effectively as possible to their needs. Our wide geographical coverage enables us to identify and respond promptly to new trends and opportunities.