Gold Bars

As currencies are volatile, gold bullion is a way to offset inflation because its value remains stable. Our investment gold bar is an ideal ‘no frills’ purchase for the knowledgeable investor who is seeking to buy gold at the best price. The front of the bar is stamped with the Orozain Gold logo along with the weight & purity. This product can be a generous gift item or an initial purchase or an addition to your bullion collection.

Gold TT Bars

Hand-poured and hand-stamped, our fine gold TT (10 Tolas) Bars is a great addition to your collection or investment portfolio. The front of the bar is stamped with the credit Suisse name along with the purity and weight. The reverse of the bar is intentionally left blank.

A Tola is a traditional Indian unit of measurement now standardized as 0.375 troy oz. Although it has been officially replaced by metric units, it is still a popular denomination for gold bullion bars in India, Pakistan and Singapore.

Gold Coins

Orozain Gold coins are ideal gifts to commemorate occasions ranging from religious observances to celebrations such as weddings, birth and anniversaries. They can also be bought for adding to a personal collection or for investment purposes. The front of the bar is stamped with the purity and weight that serves as your assurance of the highest purity and finest craftsmanship available in the world.

Silver Bars

Silver has always been seen as a sustainable alternative to standard assets such as bonds and stocks. As a credible inflation hedge & investment, our silver bars are impurity-free, making them ideal for jewellery & industrial manufacturing applications. Our metals have been tested by an internationally accredited laboratory specializing in the same.