Gold Extraction

With reliable access to a wide network of trusted & licensed gold sources; we undertake metalliferous mining in Central Africa at all stages of the cycle, specialising in both surface and underground mining. Our services are inclusive of risk assessment, process engineering, geological studies, accredited laboratory test and professional mine engineering support.

Mining of Precious Metals

Effectively recognising sensitive & protected areas while selecting targets for mineral exploration, we follow responsible practices to preserve the ecological balance of the environment, whilst keeping in mind the health and safety measures of our workers. This includes developing and implementing a strategy to systemically increase the efficiency of production and increase the mining outputs of raw gold.

Smelting and Refining

Utilizing the most advanced technology to refine and smelt large volumes of precious metals, we operate with recognised and accredited refiners in Africa and the Middle East. Our smelting & refining processes melt fine metal into bars or produce grains from scrap metal for the use of our refinery. They also derive ore, recycled material from the secondary jewellery market, investment bars and spent industrial material. Our skill allows us to convert metals according to the client's request while assuring the highest degree of quality.

Assaying of Gold

Striving for the highest standard of excellence, and endeavour to perfect the age-old tradition of assaying, Orozain Gold offers comprehensive services like fire, spectrometric, ICP, X-ray and chemical assays using a range of renowned and reliable assayers. We utilise advanced technology to confirm the metal content of articles presented for testing, providing unparalleled accuracy and purity. We work with our customers to process the vast majority of assaying through non-destructive techniques.

Location swap

Location swap is the physical transfer wherein two parties agree to swap the gold they earansaction. Foch have stored in various locations (locos) as part of the tr investors seeking to speculate or hedge their holdings in the gold market, there are several derivatives available. In the over-the-counter market, gold swaps are transacted.

OROZAIN BULLION AND JEWELLRY TRADING L.L.C accept these valuable metals domestically on behalf of customers who acquire instant credit at numerous locations across the globe.

Secure storage and warehousing

Ensuring the properly authorized storage of physical bullion in a safe and secure manner. OROZAIN BULLION AND JEWELLRY TRADING L.L.C offers comprehensive solutions with storage facilities globally to keep the assets safe yet accessible. Assets can be safe wherever you wish, for however long you need.