Universal Presence

Operating the entire gold value chain, from research and refining to trading and investing, Orozain Gold maintains an omnichannel presence and multiple touchpoints to serve our clients present across the globe. We are locally anchored and are happy to provide you with support in our branches situated in the Middle East and Africa.

Excellent Offerings, Backed By Expertise

Apart from gold manufacturing, wholesale trading, export & import, we offer a wide range of solutions across the institutional, corporate, industrial, wholesale jewellery, production and refining sectors. Staffed by an experienced team of seasoned bullion professionals with a broad knowledge of the local market combined with unparalleled industry proficiency makes us the first choice for clients who are seeking complete solutions in the precious metals sector globally.

High-Quality Deliverables

To maintain benchmarks that meet the highest international quality standards, our strategy is to constantly meet and exceed customer expectations through planned continuous improvement, and strictly do its best to deliver on time. We place a high value on building strong relationships with clients with a clear understanding of each client’s individual needs.

Partnership Opportunities

We believe in growth that involves everyone! We achieve that by teaming up with investment advisors who want to make our services available to their clients as well as with investors who want to grow with us.

As an independent company, Orozain Gold provides a variety of family-office services without any loss of privacy and assists with the structuring, protection and management of the client’s wealth, the sale or purchase of assets, philanthropic activities and the handling of administrative tasks.

Over and above, we have a diversified business portfolio in multiple sectors like; Human Resources Consultancy, Manpower Contracting Services, MEP Services, Real Estate, Luxury Kitchens and Interior Designing, Infrastructure Contracting, Timber Trading, Oil and Petroleum Trading, Restaurant and Hospitality and more.